Karl M. Kindt III
email kkindt@earthlink.net
314 308 7075

As of June 25th, 2017 I have retired as a knight in armor but will continue with the programs below.  I will present about knights and armor with a video/slideshow but will be selling my armor and swords.  If you are interested in purchasing the armor or the swords email me at the address: kkindt@earthlink.net

Here is a photo of the armor I have worn for 22 years and is now on sale click on the image to zoom in upon it.

Other Programs presented to Schools, Scouts, Libraries, Clubs, Seniors, Churches
Diversity of Cultures - E Pluribus Unum Click HERE

3d Photo Workshops CLICK HERE
Thinking, Observing and Remembering Like Sherlock Holmes
Historic Games, Tricks and Jokes from Many Cultures Click HERE
The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair in 3d Slideshow with Music - CLICK HERE
Explore the World Using Gigapan Program - Meet a Photographing Robot CLICK HERE!
3d Sculptures of St. Louis Program CLICK HERE
Immigration and the Statue of Liberty - in 3d and LIVE CLICK HERE
Program About Awesome New Technologies About to Happen CLICK HERE
President Lincoln and the CIVIL War in 3D Slideshow with Music Click HERE
Knights and The Stories of Chivalry - this program will have great video and stories and a slideshow but no longer will I appear in the armor.